It’s stag and hen party season for the Hospital Clinica Benidorm staff! Subscribe to Our Stories: Benidorm-based observational documentary series exclusively accessing Hospital Clinica Benidorm where unfortunate Brits end up sick or injured and forced to swap their sun beds for a hospital bed. With a busy staff of 280, the series follows doctors, nurses, ambulance teams and of course the many British holidaymakers and ex-pats whose unpredictable medical dramas keep them busy. In this episode, medics fight to save the life of a grandmother from Belfast. Grandfather Fred from Birmingham also needs emergency treatment following a nasty fall in his hotel. This film was first broadcast: 22 Jan 2013 Watch More Documentaries Our Life – Our History – Our World – Our Stories – Our Taste – Welcome to Our Stories, your home on YouTube for inspiring human stories that give us an insight into real people and real lives. Our exciting range of fly-on-the-wall style documentaries and special access reality programmes will give you an inside look into the everyday lives of people; exploring what life is like for those working in education, healthcare, policing and many others! Content distributed by ITV Studios.

19 thoughts on “Stag & Hen Parties End Up In The Emergency Room | Benidorm ER S2 E3 | Our Stories

  1. I’m ashamed to be British seeing these people 😡😡. Awful 😣. And no , we’re not all the same!!!!

  2. Pain is pain in any language.. first I just laughed at the dialogue but I also know it’s so true..

  3. Okay, clueless USA viewer here; Stag and hen party would be a singles party? I could hardly imagine deer and chickens being the focus of a party. I like the idea of wearing the shirts so people know whether you are there to….um, mingle. So many of human injuries are the result of …..misadventure? “Doh!” has been added to the dictionary. Likely men and woman showing off to impress each other…while drunk….LOL. (Broke my ankle wearing ridiculously high heels)

    1. Stag and hen nights are the last time a couple who are about to marry spend with their Friends and family the hens are women only and the stags are men and it can be any thing you want also usually with fancy dress involved and shortly before the wedding so basically a last night or weekend to let your hair down without your partner.

  4. I ask my self this. Why would you spend all that money just to get drunk as skunks and not remember your holiday? I would stay at home and get blind as Stevie Wonder.

  5. “Cartrilidge”? And, she’s a teaching aide? At least her crooked nose now matches her crooked teeth.

  6. Poor baby should have his own nebulizer so mom and dad can do treatments at home.
    Maybe the party guide could wrap all the partiers in bubble wrap before they hit the alcohol. They wouldn’t hurt themselves so badly. Lol

    1. The ‘poor baby’ was on holiday, taking a big nebuliser kit around with you isn’t practical, especially abroad for a matter of days. He doesn’t need daily treatment, so it isn’t necessary. They had medical insurance, he fell poorly while they were on holiday, so alls well that ends well.
      Also, steroid treatment isn’t handed out lightly by doctors, it also expires, so if he wasn’t unwell in the time it was last prescribed, it would be money down the drain. Nebulisers are mostly for children & adults with more severe cases of asthma such as brittle asthma, who need daily treatments.

  7. I can’t help but chuckle over how many people get horribly triggered seeing drunk people on holiday lol. They’ve worked hard & saved up for a long time, if that’s how they want to let their hair down so be it. They bring in a booming economy to places like Benidorm, there’s many shoes on how these countries survive through winter months from in season tourists, with all of the locals opinions on it too.
    And the best part of these comments is… most of these patients in this episode didn’t injure themselves from being drunk lol.

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