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15 thoughts on “Paul Smith | Hen Party Destroyed

  1. the person in the background at 1:12 what do u do adele “sings” hahahahahahahhaha

  2. hahaha no way! I was one of the barmen/ushers in the Yarm venue he was chatting about and the story is 100% true. Was a mint night though

  3. First 40 secs are s. Lowest common denominator. Just to get folk on comedians side. Just as well he didn’t do Glasgow…

  4. I don’t find ‘Comedians’ of his ilk remotely funny. Standing on a a stage basically ranting at others demeaning their looks, their clothing etc whist hiding behind a crew of bouncers is a sure admission of their own instabilities. True comedienne get people laugh with people not at them😡😡😡

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