thank you so much for watching! 💕✨ huge shoutoht to all of my wonderful special friends for making it an unforgettable weekend & especially to my babe Laura at @everylastdetail_x for the gorgeoussss decor! I forgot to say my dress for my night out was from a brand called dolls house fashion!! LOVE YOU X ENQUIRIES- [email protected] INSTAGRAM- @elledarby_

21 thoughts on “MY HEN DO! vlog👰🏼

  1. This girl has NO shame its cringe to watch! cannot bare her, all this girl cares about is money, if you support her more fool you,

  2. Truly awful human, rotten to the core. Can’t believe it still gets any form of airtime.

  3. its NOT YOUR PLACE to
    forgive her, if her tweets didn’t apply to or
    discriminate against YOU!

  4. I love this 💖🥂 Enjoy your life Elle!! No matter what you post or do people will always drudge up the past. You’ve apologised now it’s time to live your life girl ✨

  5. Loved all of the decorations and outfits! You look stunning! Happy that you took 6 months offline and that now your back. I hope you’ve learned from your past mistakes and are a better person

    1. I was struggling to write a comment about it all, or not write a comment. But I like this one ❤️

  6. Hi guys, I was watching you give Saint whole blueberries and big pieces of fruit. I’m only saying this because I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes. I was out with my husband and a small child around Saints age was eating a grape. The parents didn’t realise how dangerous it was until their child started choking. Luckily for them a first aider was there who managed to save their child and get the grape that was lodged in the back of the throat. Not saying it will happen but always remember it CAN happen and that’s the last thing any parent would want. I don’t want to scare you both but just bare in mind what you’re giving to Saint. Cut chicken and other things small so there’s no chance of it lodging in his throat. Hope you don’t mind me saying this but I found it crucial to mention it being a mother myself ❤😊

  7. You do realise you’re exactly what’s wrong with this world at the moment. Like do you actually look in the mirror and see what you are? Can’t wait for your bad karma to arrive

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