My best friends hen weekend in Manchester Watch my hen party haul & ideas video: WHERE ELSE YOU CAN FIND ME: INSTAGRAM: @marcellacarelli TIKTOK: marcellacarelli0 BLOG: EMAIL: [email protected] PODCAST: Prosecco Friday (Spotify, Apple Music, Anchor)

5 thoughts on “HEN PARTY VLOG! | hen weekend in Manchester!

  1. This is great vlog. You should do more stuff like this great video Marcella. Btw it’s blossommakeupvids from tiktok xx

  2. This was a wonderful vlog!😊 I love vlogs like this, my favourite vlogs are a cosy girls night in! I love to see the preparation whether it’s with food or just laying out some little snacks and nibbles, drinks, lighting candles or soft lights, playing some games, girl chat, just having a nice cosy evening in together. Maybe you could do a vlog if you enjoy nights like this!❤️

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